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Chatham, Kent
United Kingdom
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Providing quality aviation services

Fly Aviation UK is one of the UK's leading approved aviation companies specialised in flight trianing and general aviation services tailored to meet the needs of student pilots&crew and vairous aviation businesses from across the world. Based at three UK airports in England, we provide the highest quality services available in the aviation market.


Go on a “discovery flight” and see for yourself how amazing flying can be. Whilst up in the skies you really can appreciate how beautiful the scenery of our island can be. See London from above, visit the Isle of Wight for a lobster lunch, or even fly to France for some wine. Discovering your passion for aviation starts with this first flight.

Enrol into our flight academy and you’ll receive some of the best training available. At Fly Aviation UK we operate to your specific needs and will support you at each step of your journey. Discovering your passion for aviation is the vital first step, but mastering your new skills is just as important. And you’ll be sitting in one of the coolest classrooms in the world!

After you’ve completed your flight training and gained your pilot's licence the fun will not stop. By learning with Fly Aviation UK you have joined a unique family and can continue to use our aircraft and facilities on your future visits to the United Kingdom. Fly with friends or family and help them discover the amazing opportunities you get in aviation.
Make 2017 amazing and see the United Kingdom at its best
Fly Aviation UK is a Civil Aviation Authority and European Aviation Safety Agency
approved flight training organisation